Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Adoption

Last updated May 2023

Every goat in our herd has consistently tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johne's since we began goat herding in 2004. Our herd is closed for biosecurity. That means no new goats will be brought into our herd, including no returns on goats we have adopted out.

Kids must be picked up within two weeks of weaning. I reserve the right to ask for proof of a relationship between the new owner and a vet to ensure proper healthcare will be maintained after kids leave our farm. I also reserve the right to register kids with ADGA to ensure the registration process is completed.

All goats are ensured to be healthy before they leave Goat Mountain View Farm. No guarantees of health, pregnancy, fertility, nor milk production are given past the date of adoption. We understand that once the animal leaves our farm, we cannot control the environment, nutrition, nor care of that animal, and therefore cannot take further responsibility for it.

All goats receive regular de-worming with Valbazen or Ivermectin, annual CDT vaccinations, and supplementation with CHS 16-8 mineral salt, copper, and Bo-Se. We also supplement with Kop-Sel by Fir Meadow LLC. Our goats are fed second-cutting orchard grass and alfalfa brought in from eastern WA (sold by Brad Green).

If we have any goats available right now, they will be listed below. Thanks so much for visiting Goat Mountain View!

No goats are available for adoption at this time

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